Week 2: Classmate Interview – KhaDinh Tran


On January 15th 2015, I had a chance to meet KhaDinh Tran. She is a very nice person who is fun to talk to. I learn a couple interesting things about her today. She is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and she is majoring in Healthcare Administration just like me. She told me that going to Cal State Long Beach was one of the best decision she made because she loves it here. She is turning 20 in June 12 2015 and she told me that she loves to shop on her free time or go to the beach. Which is why we are going to carpool to Venice beach this Sunday for our activity. Shes been living in Westminster Ca for her entire life and does not want to move to any other place because she loves the weather and beaches here.

I had good time talking to her, and found out that we have a couple things in common. We both live in Westminster and own two dogs. Although she is Vietnamese but she is not a fan of Vietnamese food, she loves eating American and Italian food. She is very adventurous and loves to explore new places such as different cities and parks. She likes being outdoor because she feels very refreshing when she is out and it is one of her main stress reliever.


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