Week 2: Painting


For this weeks activity I spray painted my name at Venice Beach. Before I went to Venice Beach to paint I sketch of my name in advance, it was a lot easier to write my name out than painting it.This is actually my first time using spray paint to paint something, it was pretty fun and I had a good time doing it. When I first got there I found this portion of the wall where I painted my name on. I used red spray paint to paint the back ground then use black to write my name. It looked good to me but then I wanted to try it again on the tree that was there.

10339388_381000198748997_4954286633056283287_o                                                    10957730_380999205415763_909331819503677776_o

When I painted my name on the tree it looked better than when I painted it on the wall.At first I thought that it would be horrible because I practiced it a lot of time at home on cardboard and it was super ugly. It is not the greatest work but I am proud of what I did, it did not turn out as bad as I thought and I actually like it. I think spray painting is a fun thing to do and I will probably try spray painting other things in spare time.


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