Week 3: Artist Interview – Josh Benz


During class when we were at the art gallery today, I saw Josh Benz art work and it stood out to me because of the partying painting that he did. I found it interesting how he is able to show me what is going on at the party where he is about to take a shot and the liquor he is drinking. I can relate myself to that when I am at a party and UV is one of my favorite drink, so when I saw the painting it caught my attention it stood out to me then most of the other ones. Josh told us that he stated painting when he was in community college and hes been doing so ever since. He likes using color to paint because he can feel that he is living in the color. He said that some of the paintings that he did takes up to twenty five to thirty five hours and some could take a couple weeks to finish. He wants his painting to express happiness and show the enjoyment of life, because a lot of other figurative painting that he saw focuses on one person or so and that looks very lonely. Instead of focusing on one person in the figurative painting he wants others to see through the painting that he is having a lot of fun. From my point of view when I see this painting it does look like he is enjoying himself and I see a lot of positive emotions from him. I really enjoy meeting Josh and being able to see his artwork.


These two painting were also my favorite although they are not from Josh Benz, I like the mixture of colors that the painting on the right has and the on of the left was just cool because of the details about what he was wearing, his sword, the box he was holding and the way he was standing.


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