Week 3: Classmate Interview – Pablo Gonzalez


I had a chance to talk to Pablo Gonzalez, who is an 18 year old freshmen majoring in mechanical engineering. He is from Seal Beach and commutes, during his free time he enjoys playing games because he likes the excitement. Although he likes playing games he knows his priorities when it comes to studying. He loves it at Cal State Long Beach because of what the school has to offer. Although he wants to major in mechanical engineering but he is also interested in filming which he might take as a minor. Pablo is taking art for his general ed class and it was an easy class for him to take because most of his other classes are very difficult so he wanted a class where he can relax and enjoy. He just recently had his wisdom teeth removed and is struggling with the pain, he said that he ate 12 chocolate pudding since then and it sucks.

Although we talked but I was not able to find anything in common with him. There wasn’t much we could talk about and couple moments of awkwardness, but it was still nice to be able to meet someone new. I had a good time talking to Pablo and wouldn’t mind getting to know him better in the future. And his birthday is tomorrow which is February 6, so happy birthday to him.


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