Week 3: Activity – Instagram


For out activity were need to upload pictures of what we do throughout the day, its my first time using Instagram so it was weird. I might continue to use Instagram, it seems kind of interesting and fun. I saw a lot of pictures on the “Group Portrait,” I do see a little connection between the activities between me and my other classmates, but not too much. Besides the fact that we go to the same school and I only see a little things in common with my other classmates. It does not surprises me too much because not everyone can find something in common. But being able to see other people’s activities through out the day is kind of interesting. I guess it does feel like a community because we are all sharing what we are doing, although we do not know each other but its fun to share our thoughts. Its an online community where everybody can socialize and communicate with each other.


On other people’s instagram I saw a lot of interesting things about how my classmates go on about their day and some of them posted some pretty cool pictures.


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