Week 4: Classmate Interview – Jones Sin


I had a chance to meet Jones Sin today during art. He seem like a very nice and smart guy, he is a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineer and that was what he always wanted to do. Jones said that his favorite subject is math, which is like the complete opposite of me because I hate math with a passion. He does not dorm at the school, he commutes because he lives in Norwalk and he would rather be at home. Jones is taking art for his general ed class, but he is starting to find art interesting. On his free time he likes to play, he plays at least once a week for the fun of it and working out. I was able to find some things in common with Jones and it made it easy for me to talk to him. I had a good time talking to Jones because he made the conversation very fun and exciting. I am pretty sure if we see each other in the future we would be able to talk to each easily. And he is one of the few people who I know that likes math so it was pretty cool.


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