Week 4: Artist Interview – Juliet Johnson


During the art gallery, I did not get a chance to talk to Ms. Juliet Johnson in person but her art really caught my attention and I found it very fascinating. It is my first time seeing this kind of art the materials and color that she used made this art work stand out. When I first walked into the room I laid my eyes on this art work, it was like it had a force that pulled me over. She talked about how she cut up, highlighted, arranged, color-coordinate, made flash cards, and drew on descriptions of her work. She says that much of her work is in dialogue with painting. And it is true because I did get sense that her painting was present and even after I left the gallery, her work did not disappear from my mind. And it kept on appearing throughout the day. This was one of the few art work that was able to appear in mind from time to time, so I am really glad that I was able to see Ms. Johnson’s art work.


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