Week 4: Activity – The Mina Show

   10979487_937205422978669_2091647351_n       10984651_937205419645336_586615685_n

For this weeks activity I couldn’t think of something to do because I cant find myself doing some of the amazing things that other people do. I guess I am afraid of what other people will think of me or I am just too chicken to do it. I have no problem meeting new people of starting a conversation with a stranger, but I just cant find myself doing some of the things in The Mina Show. So I decided to just hot on my car and pretend that I am flying-ish. My friends and I were hanging out in the parking lot at a supermarket so I was sitting on top of my trunk and it just gave me the idea of standing on top of it and snap a couple pictures for this activity. At first I want to stand or sit on top of my car, one of the my friend would drive it and the other would record me standing while the car is moving. We tried it but it turns out that it is pretty hard to balance when the car is moving so I decided not to do it. Like you said do not do anything dangerous, at first I thought it wasn’t but turns out that it is. I guess this is the best I could do for this activity.


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