Week 5: Artist Interview – Dianna Franco

10960271_387563091426041_4451511619688547110_o   10974465_387563018092715_5660230362136599464_o

Today at the art gallery I saw these painting displayed in Max L. Gatov Gallery West, I was able to feel the connection I had with them. These painting were done by Dianna Franco, I think she did a very amazing job because all her painting were beautiful. When i first looked at it I didn’t really understand, but then as I continue to look at it, I started to see that there are changes within the painting. In these painting there are many different colors, but then when I look at them one by one and continue to move on to the next color I can see the shifting and changing within the painting. Dianna is inspired by how nature and civilization are always changing, so she explores how the inner part of nature and civilization affects the outside and how the outside affects the inside. She uses colors to represent each parts and through them try to explain her thoughts with the painting. I know for sure that there are parts that see differently then her and we probably see the painting in different ways. When look at the painting I get a strong connection with nature because of how the color that she uses. From the different colors, shapes and forms, it helped me see what she meant by the constant changes in nature and civilization.


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