Week 5: Classmate Interview – Brandon Hamada


At the art gallery I had a chance to speak to Brandon Hamada who is freshman at Cal State Long Beach. He is currently a Mechanical Engineer because he would like to contribute to designing and developing new machinery. Although he has his mind set on Mechanical Engineer he is still open to other majors if they interest him. He lives in Palm Dale, so he dorms here at the school. He thinks to dorm is a very good experience and easy to meet new friends. He feels by living away from home he is able to challenge his ability to adapt to a new environment without the help of his parent. Brandon admitted that he is not very social-able because it is hard for him to go up to someone to start a conversation. He understands the fact that his is anti-social, so he tries his best to communicate with his peers. Brandon is a pretty cool guy to talk to because he does bring up interesting topics to talk about. When I was talking to him he does not look like he can’t socialize because he was able to joke around with me without feeling awkward. We actually talked for quite some time and was able to communicated with each other effectively.


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