Week 5: Activity – Kickstarter

For this weeks activity, we need to explore kickstarter to pick two category and from each category pick an idea that we like and another we do not.


The first idea I chose from kickstarter was in the design category. In that category I saw the idea about a keybiner which I did not like because I think that they added too much things to the tool. I love the original key biner because its simple and does not look complicated. I understand that they added “everyday” tools to it, but to be honest I don’t think that much people use the tools they added on it. Key biner are made to hold keys so it should be kept that way it does not need the extra essentials added to them and at the same time when I first look at it kind of looks like a weapon which will bring us unnecessary trouble when other people see it as a dangerous object.


In this same category I love the Kraftwerk because of its ability to charge anything that we want too and how long it lasts. I do have other portable chargers but they do not last that long. I could charge my phone two times at most and it would die on me. I am out a lot so I want to be able to bring a portable charger with me that I can depend on. Other portable chargers need to be charge with a plug but the Kraftwork we can use any lighter gas to charge it. I like the fact how they explain what they are doing to better improve Kraftwork and walk us through step by step with how it works. They were able to convince me with their facts, scrolling down the page, it looks like they were presenting it to me.


The second category that I chose from kickstarter was fashion. In this category an I idea that I do not like is the square neck tee. I think that it looks very funny, he says that normal t shirts are out of date but I think it looks a lot better than the square neck tee that he was wearing. Everyone has different taste in what kind of shirt they wear but when I saw the squareneck tee it made me laugh thinking how ridiculous I would look when I wear it. His video was not able to capture my attention, I feel like it is so bland and there was no emotion to it.


Another idea that I picked from the fashion design is the smart wallet. I think it is a very cool project because it will prevent a lot of people from losing their wallet. We just need to download the free app Where’s Wallet which will allow us to connect the phone and the wallet. Once they are connected we need to have a certain distance with our wallet else it would start beeping. When we drop our wallet or somebody steals it and it leaves us far enough the phone will notify us. They have three choices for us to pick from the slip, bi-fold, and the clutch and the price for them is pricy but it is affordable. Although it might be pricy but it will prevent us from losing our wallet which will cause us a bigger headache. So it is worth it to invest/ back this project.


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