Week 6: Classmate Interview – Joseph Lee


Out at the art gallery today, I had the chance to meet Joseph Lee. He is also a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach and wants to be a physical therapist. He is from Artesia was born and raise there. He is very in to body building, he spends a lot of his time working out. Working out is his hobby plus it helps him stay in shape and healthy. Joseph wanted to join the navy once he graduates high school did not plan to go to college. But his mom told him to apply to Cal State Long Beach to see if he would get accepted. He did so then his mom told him to go to school first then join the navy afterwards. So Josephs plan is to become a physical therapist and maybe after college he will join the navy. Joseph is taking art just for his general education because it is an easy and fun class. He does enjoy looking at the art in the gallery, he admires the artist creativeness and their ability to create such beautiful work. Joseph is a very fun person, when I talk to him, it feel like he was already my friend and I can talk to him very easily. We were able to strike a conversation pretty quick and had a good time talking to each other.


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