Week 6: Artist Interview – Alanna Marcelletti

10993502_391083044407379_8747152356666135463_o        10855075_391083087740708_2011697730895696167_o

During the art gallery I had a chance to look at a lot of beautiful artwork done by different artist but I like these two the most done by Alana Marcelletti. Her artwork stood out to me the most because of it creativeness and how it looks like it has different layers of painting to it. From what I heard she is inspired by women and domestic relationship. From that inspiration she able to create these amazing 3-D artwork. She uses mesh to create her artwork which makes it very attractive and when I see that art popping out I am drawn to it.  When I was looking at her artwork it looks like she did it layers by layers and each layer has its distinct characteristics. She was able to pain in detail, although her artwork may look like there is a lot to it but if we look at it closely, they all stand out and represents its self in the work. There are a variety of different colors that makes up her artwork which makes it even better. From my opinion, when I see an artwork with a lot of different colors to it, it might explain that the artist is a very happy and positive person. Because from her painting I see a lot of happiness, and it is able to bring positive thoughts to my mind.


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