Week 6: Activity – Yarn Bombing


Before I started working on the yarn bombing activity, I visited the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd Floor of FA2 to look at some of the fiber art. I saw a lot of different work there and I was surprised by all of them. I think that the artist did an amazing job accomplishing the artwork. In this picture of the fiber art, there are a lot of patterns and also different color but the artist was able to put them together. From the look of the patterns it looked like it took them a lot of time and patience to complete it. But the artist did an amazing job finishing it and making it a beautiful masterpiece.

11010612_391153517733665_5086285292551923725_o     10498008_391153501067000_5922417558750679492_o

What I did was not really fiber art, I just cut up my old t-shirts and tied them to the tree. It was pretty easy to tie them, nothing hard about it. I guess with was kind of fun tying them, there was nothing surprising about it. When I first started tying them it looked kind of ugly but then it looked kind of nice after I was done tying them. I experienced different things between yarn bombing and graffiti writing, both of them had something I liked. When I was tying the fabric the the tree all I could of was what it would look like after I finish, it was kind of exciting. I think if I tied the whole tree it wouldn’t turn out too bad. I like the graffiti because I was able to mess around the paint and it was my first time painting something. When comparing these two activity I do not see anything masculine or aggressive about bombing with paint nor anything feminine or nurturing about bombing with yarn. I just think that these are all invalid gender stereotypes that artist face. I think that all art are the same because it takes a lot of creativeness and create an art piece that is able to express the artists thoughts and feelings. I just think that in our culture we tend to judge base on gender which should not be a factor that determines the value of someone’s work.


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