Week 7: Activity – Portrait Photography

This week, in Art 110 for activity we had to Landscape with a corpse for our activity inspired by Izima Kaoru. We had to imagine how we would die and create a photographic self-portrait of what happened.

11051333_946511202048091_2077814946_n   11012334_946511195381425_133550240_n

I do not really like this weeks activity because I believe that it is kind of jinxing myself. I understand its art but it still makes me feel kind of awkward doing the activity, I just had to because I need the grade so I created this scene. I created this scene because the people that I hang out with might be the ones that bring me my troubles. I have witness my friends and their friends being stab and laying on the floor with a pool of blood next to me. And I have heard stories of incident where people I know that passed away from incidents like this. I have grown out from my teenage years where I like to cause trouble here and there. I do not hang out with the same people anymore, and have made friends who will not get me in trouble. But if I was still hanging out with them, I imagine that my departure might be this way because I do not know who likes me and who do not or I be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


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