Week 7: Artist Interview – Frances Salazar


When I was at the Art Gallery today I was able to look at more artwork from different artists. They were all very beautiful, I know that the artists spent a lot of time creating their artwork. I really appreciate them for taking their time to come out to talk to her and allowing us to see their artwork. Because of them, I am able to see a variety of artwork done by different people. Between all the artist that was at the gallery, the one I liked the most was Frances Salazar. He uses metal too create beautiful pieces of art that could also be body accessories.


Salazar said that he is inspired by the things that he see and feels in his daily life. He lets his ideas run wild then turns them into art. He uses different types of metal to achieve the color variances. He tries to make his art tell a story, share a specific moment in time that he cherishes. And at times the art might stir up questions and gives the answer to the audience. I think Salazar’s artwork is outstanding, he is able to use different pieces of metal to make something beautiful out of. And the art has different shade of color to it, I think it is amazing how they do not overlap each other and each of the shade has its own characteristics to it. His artwork really stands out to me because it is just the things I see everyday and he turns it into art. I would really love to see more artwork like Salazar in the art gallery.



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