Week 9: Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

For this weeks activity there’s three things that we need to do; create a cognitive map, adopt a building, and redesign the campus.


For the cognitive map I drew based on what I remembered about the school for the past two years that I’ve been here.


For the adopting a building part of the activity, I chose the McIntosh Humanities Building. I think that this building has a very unique feature to it and not only that, I spent a lot of my time in this building during my first semester here. I was here for about two to three days a week getting help from my English teacher on my essay. I remember when before I started school here I was able to tour the campus and this building was the first building that caught my eyes.

The McIntosh Humanities Building is a nine story building contains department and faculty offices for the College of Liberal Arts and it is the tallest building on Cal State Long Beach’s campus. The one thing that I like the most about it is the he sculpture that it has outside, entitled “U as a Set” was created using copper tubing and pipes that have developed an attractive patina. I love how on the side of the building it has like pipes/bars kind of hovering over the window, which it makes it look like a transformer building. And the best thing is that it has a fountain with a backdrop of spraying water. This building was named after the Carl W. McIntosh who served as the second president for Cal State Long Beach, and he contributed greatly to the growth of CSULB.


For the third part of this activity, we needed to redesign the campus however we want. There is nothing wrong with the way the campus is designed. I always thought that this was a beautiful campus and that was one of the reason why I attended here instead of Cal State Dominguez Hills and Cal State Fullerton. But there are some things that I would like to change. Especially where the parking structure is at, I don’t like the fact how all the structure are on the same side and most of students class are on the other side of the campus. I would definitely move it the parking structure two and three towards the middle so students wouldn’t have to take so long to walk to class. I would like to move the Liberal Arts 1 through 5 should be moved near the business building (CBA) near parking structure one. I have a lot of my class in the LA buildings so I hate the walk from the parking structure to the bulding every time I have class. Besides that I think every thing else is fine the way it is.


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