Week 9: Artist Interview – Tiffany Le


I enjoy going to the art gallery every Thursday, I think it is a great experience that allows the students to broaden their knowledge about what kind of art is out there. Like for me whenever I use to think of art I always think about paint, color and drawings but there is a lot of different kind of art. And it also changed my perspective about how art was created. Just like when I saw this artwork, it was able to capture my attention right away because I was able to relate to it and around my house I have a lot of similar artwork like these hanging on my walls. Tiffany said that she is fascinated by mythology, history, and folktales, I also share the same fascination with her. Mythology and folktales always catches my attention and raises my interests about it. But for her these fascination surface in her depiction of animals and curvilinear line work. Tiffany stated that the art piece reflects upon her travels and observation of her study abroad trip to China with depiction of fish and the changes in their swimming patterns. I really like this painting and how the fish looks like it swims together in unity, it is kind of like the fishes we have in the garden at our school. After I saw her painting at in the gallery, I wasn’t very interested in the other art work, although they are still very nice.


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