Week 9: Classmate Interview – Kevin Nguyen


Out at the art gallery I had the chance to talk to Kevin Nguyen who is a sophomore just like me and he got accepted under the major computer science. Kevin does not dorm because he thinks that it is too expensive and plus he lives 20 minutes away from school. Kevin’s been living in Santa Ana Orange County for some time now and he really enjoys it there. During his spare time he really enjoys building things and a lot of his hobbies involves hands on things. He said that he likes the art and how he is able to see a lot of artwork done by different artist but the thing he does not like is the classmate interview. Its not that he does not like meeting new people, he just thinks that it shouldn’t be force. Kevin has 3 siblings two younger sisters and a younger brother, one of them is a senior in high school and the other two is still in elementary school. He is currently working at McDonald, he got the job there because of his friends help and he really likes it there. Kevin only goes to school on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, he did his schedule like that so he can have more days off although in the three days that he has school his spends pretty much the whole day at school. Kevin was pretty fun to, it was very easy for me to start a conversation with him without feeling awkward.


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