Week 10: Classmate Interview – Ben Lee


This is Ben Lee who is a sophomore and he is majoring in Computer Engineering. He is really into computer and electronic stuff ever since he was little, and he even built his own computer from scratch that he treasures very much. I love meeting new people everyday, I think its pretty fun and it gives us a chance to learn from someone who has a different culture from me. Although we share kind of the same culture because Ben is Taiwanese and he can also speak Mandarin. Ben loves going to the gym on his free time, just like I do. When he is at home and he has time he would play an online game called League of Legends, I’m pretty sure a lot of people know about that game. When Ben was a freshman he dorm here because he wanted to experience what it is like to dorm at a college and he said it was the best experience ever. It made me kind of regret not dorming here when I had the chance to. But now him and his buddies found an apartment to move into and they all pitch in for the rent. When I first got to the art gallery I saw Ben standing there but it looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone until I approached him and he turned out too be pretty a pretty nice guy and we had a few good laughs talking to each other.


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