Week 10: Activity – Student Choice

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For this weeks activity we had a choice to decide what we wanted to do and I think that it was one of the hardest activity because I can’t really think about what to do. Like whenever I get an idea about what I should do, I would criticize it and think it is a bad idea and it wouldn’t be a good idea. So I finally decided to do something that is related to nature. My friends and I decided to go hiking at Hermit Falls and the Beach so I decided to take a couple pictures of the nature and use it for my activity. I think that nature is the most important piece of artwork that the Earth has. When I was at Hermit Falls I was able to look at something of the prettiest scenery. Everything there was so peaceful and the fresh air was completely different than what we experience in the city. It’s just sad to see how we are harming nature because we need land for our own use. When I was hiking through the tress I could hear the birds singing and flying back and forth which is the best way to bring peace to a person’s mind. Everything was so pure and each part has its unique way to express its beauty to capture our attention. The following day after Hermit Falls we went to the beach and it was pretty nice there since I haven’t been to the beach for a while. Laying on the beach listening to the waves was the most peaceful thing there and it allowed my mind to be free and follow the waves. So I think that everybody should the take their to connect with nature and see how much good things that it could do for us and at the same time relief us from the stress that we suffer from out daily lives.


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