Week 10: Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

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When I was at the art gallery I had the chance to look at Dawn Ertl’s art work. Which was very amazing and it was something that I have never seen before and it was very surprising. Miss Ertl came into our class and explained what her art was about, so I thought it was just like a display on the wall and never expect these majestic and flowing installation hanging from the ceiling. This is art work is the best that I have ever seen in the art gallery, every little thing that she does with the installation has a special feature to it. Just like how she wants the color to contrast each other so when the viewers look at one color they can see the other behind it. I know we are not suppose to ask her about what inspired her but I happened to hear that she was inspired by the environment which is pretty cool because we need to realize the importance of our environment and respect it. What I learned in this exhibit is that we should we need to think about how we are treating the environment and treasure everything that it provides for us. Just like how Miss Ertl was able to us loom and plastic bags to create such a beautiful piece of artwork. Not everything should be disregard as trash because even trash can be turned into something beautiful. Ertl also stated that her art depicts the way she interprets the world and the weave installation that she has represents the relationship between people. Everything about this exhibit is amazing including Miss Ertl, she has the greatest attitude when talking to us, she tried to answer all of our questions the best she could and provided us with a great experience in the exhibit.


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