Week 11: Activity – Sculpture

1978508_966204763412068_5689732465954930263_o (1)   11067457_966204736745404_5958731006424106610_o (1)  11128458_966204640078747_6560149621159144372_o (1)

This weeks activity is my favorite one in all of the activities that we did throughout the semester, so I had a lot of fun doing this activity. For the activity we needed to go to the beach, dig a hole near water, insert one of our hand or foot, use the wet sand to pour in it the hold and pack it, then use the plaster that we mixed to pour in the hole, then wait for about twenty five minutes for it to set and dry. My favorite part was digging the sand, I thought it was pretty fun. Mixing the plaster was pretty messy because it was windy so it blew it all over me and stuff. I think the most scary part was when I was trying to pull my foot out of the whole after I pact it with sand, I was worried that the hole would collapse. After I pull my foot out I poured the plaster in and was pretty worried that it the shape of my foot wouldn’t come out and I would have to start over. But after twenty five minutes the plaster was dried and I dug up my plaster foot, it turned out pretty nice. I think that I did an amazing job and really happy with the outcome because when I looked at my plaster foot I was able to see the shape of my toes which was super cool. I had a really good time at the beach because I was there around 11:00 am so the sun and the wind felt very nice. While waiting for the plaster to set I had the chance to exercise and enjoy the breeze at the beach and absorb some Vitamin D from the sun. Just like Glenn said, this activity is just a reason for us to have fun at the beach and I did so this was the most stress free and fun activity.

10448435_966204693412075_8199155022156184052_o (1)  11114045_966204540078757_6089313641103602497_o (1) 10847605_966204406745437_2456639471525679666_o (2)


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