Week 11: Classmate Interview – Edgar Bueno


I met Edgar Bueno at the art gallery today, he was very friendly and if you guys get a chance, talk to him. He is a freshman at our school and is currently majoring in sociology. He thinks that sociology will give him a better understanding of society, its behavior, its cultures, how everything within the society causes a chain reaction and  why people act the way they do. He hope that later on he would be able to do researches and studies to give him a better understanding of what he learned and be able to make improvements to our society to give people a better life. Edgar is from Bellflower which is like ten minutes away from Cal State Long Beach which is pretty cool since he doesn’t have to go far in order to get to school. His favorite thing to do on his free time is to play soccer and right now he is on the soccer travel team and he has to balance that with school which makes it kind of stressful, but he thinks it is worth it. Whenever he has to practice for soccer he would have to drive to Fullerton, although it takes a lot of commitment, Edgar thinks its fun. Edgar also has two younger brother whom he loves very much, he takes his time out to help them with his homework or whatever they need help with. It was pretty fun talking to Edgar, we were able to talk about many topics and was able to keep the conversation going. He was the first person that I actually talk to where I did have to take notes on the things that he was saying so I can do this blog post.


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