Week 11: Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia


Being out at the art gallery is amazing like always because I get to see the beautiful artwork done by different artists. I enjoy looking at all the art work done by the artist because each piece of their work represents something to them and they carry a deep meaning to them that most people wouldn’t understand. When I look at their artwork I can relate to the meaning of the artwork or some time it tells me a different story. Just like Gabriel Garcia’s art work, he said his art work represents the challenges of an average man living in society where he needs to show his strong masculinity. I thought that this was an interesting topic and the way he represented it in his artwork. From what I see and how I was raised my men are expected to show their masculinity no matter what because that is naturally how the world was created. The way my dad raised me was that as a man I must not collapse to pressure or violence and my dad would always tell me an eye for an eye. I grew up thinking in a way where if somebody helps me I would help them back but if some body was to hurt me i would do the same thing back. My perspective began to change as I got older because I began to my own ways of thinking about society and how I should deal with it. So walking into the gallery seeing the strong words that he created in his art work, it reminded me of how my dad always taught me how I need to be strong and protect my pride. The word violence has a very big impact on my life because I dealt with violence for a long period of time throughout school because I came over from Vietnam when I was in elementary school, so I was bullied and alienated in many occasions. I can see in his art work that it consist mainly of black and gray. I think that black and gray shows a lot of masculinity for some reason, I just can’t explain why. Seeing some of the words that he used in the gallery it definitely brought back some memories for me and at the same time it did show me that masculinity is one of the problem that we face in society. Its just like how there are people that do not accept homosexual and I never really understood why. I think that everyone should have a choice to decided who they want to be and how they live their lives and people should not interfere with what they decided and just accept their decision, because they are no different than anybody. I really enjoyed looking at Mr. Garcia’s work because definitely brought up memories and thoughts that I have about society.


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