Week 12: Artist Interview – Katherine Cox

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When I was at the art gallery I was very interested in the ceramics done by Katherine Cox. At first when I walked into the Dutzi Gallery I was like “Wow it looks like jade,” her ceramic works looks very beautiful, the carvings that are on the ceramics are perfect and they all have a unique pattern that made each other stand out. I thought it was very beautiful and it captured my attention right when I first saw it. Cox said that the use of of ceramic vessels and enclosed forms as sites for creating and displaying stories and imagery. Mainly she is interested in how the vessels that once functioned within the parameters of longstanding pottery traditions might deliver narrative imagery, motifs, and emblems. The forms are used to create a dialogue with the ideas of domestic within a home and how these ideas affect people. I really like the idea of how she focuses on how the ideas would affect the people since others opinion would help us to strive to do better. She stated that these are a reflection of how societal pressures contribute to an individual’s mindset, patterns and decorative elements suggest a presence of femininity. The images used come from her personal history with narratives that have been repeated through human history and she hopes to create a dialogue between people to change the narrative to be something different. She said that her choice of imagery came through a variety of experiences including how she grew up in Michigan and living in Southern California. She wants her work to drawn the viewers into the natural elements of the piece and relate to the various human experiences that they encounter. I really enjoy looking at the work that Cox done, they were very beautiful and very meaningful.


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