Week 12: Classmate Interview – Adam Price


I met Adam Price because I asked him about the activity that we were suppose to do this week because we were both confuse about it. So we talked for a little and decided to just do the classmate interview. Adam is a senior at our school and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and he will be graduation at the end of this semester so congratulation to him. I kind of envy him for graduating this year because he does have to worry about school anymore, besides the fact that he has to work. Adam lives in Cypress so he drives to school every day because he wants to stay focus on his education since he is a full time student. He said that the one thing he regrets most about college was that he did not minor in Computer Science. At first Adam took this art class for his General Ed because his younger sister took this class last semester she recommended that he should take it too since it was very easy. But Adam began to like the class more because it is something different than all of the class that he took before because he gets to be outside and looking at things rather than just sitting in a classroom and learn. Adam told me that he got a job offer from the Navy Research and Development Center near Death Valley, so he will be working there after he graduates. He is hoping that he would gain a lot of experience and knowledge from working there, so when there is better offer he would accept it without doubting his abilities. I think that Adam is a great person and he will do just fine after he graduates and enters the working world to begin his career.


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