Blog Post #4 Extra Credit

My three most favorite activities were the Painting & Drawing, Student Choice, and Sculpture (Plaster Casting). The Painting & Drawing gave me the chance to work with spray paint so it was pretty fun. The Student Choice was hard but at least I was able to do whatever I wanted. The Sculpture was fun because I got to create something myself and had a good time at the beach.

My three least favorite activity were New Media, Portrait Photography, and Remix Culture. I didn’t like the New Media because I am not the type of person to just act out whatever pops into my mind. I thought that the Portrait Photography was kind of creepy. I didn’t even do the Remix Culture because I couldn’t think of anything to remix.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108, it gave us the chance to meet in class and ask Glenn questions about any confusion.

B. Activities Overall, we were able to do some hands on art.

C. Artist Conversation, it was not my favorite thing to do because the artists kind of made it hard for the student. I understand they all have their own expectations but it definitely got harder through out the semester.

D. Classmate Conversation, it was pretty fun and I got the chance to meet new people.

E. Using Your Website, it took me a couple times to get use to it but after that it was very easy.


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