Week 12: Activity – Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity we need to create an algorithmic art which is work that that is created by following a set of rules or instructions or procedures. We are asked to create anything we want that involves procedures on how to accomplish it. So what I decided to do was fold a heart, with my twenty dollar bill but it could be any bill one, two, five, or ten dollar bill. Here are the steps on how I folded the heart;

1. Start with the bill that is in good condition, fold the right corner diagonally.

2. Unfold the corner that you just folded then fold the left corner diagonally.


3. Unfold that corner also, you should see that it formed an X, now push the tow side of the X together, and push the middle crease down.


4. Repeat step 1 to 3.


5. After that fold the right and left corner towards the middle.

11143609_411882822327401_1489868103846483609_o (1)

6. Unfold and flatten the corners down so it would make a square.


7. Then fold both of the corners on both of the squares towards the middle crease then unfold and flatten the corner down.

8. After you finish with that side, now repeat steps 4-7 for the other side.

9. Fold the bill in half, then unfold it. Now, pinch the middle section along the crease that you made then bring the two triangles together.

10. Flip the bill over, then fold the flap that has a corner sticking out down. You will see that the two corner’s back are against each other, just took the corners in to hide them.

11. If you like you can insert a quarter in the middle. Finish

Folding the heart with money was one of the first thing that I learned how to fold beside the paper airplane. At first when I started folding the heard it was hard and kind of complicated but as I continue to practice it became easy over time. The heart looks plain and simple but it does have a special unique feature and special meaning to it depending on how you interpret it. I rarely fold these heart unless I am giving it to my girlfriend.


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