Week 13: Classmate Interview – Khoa Do


For this weeks classmate interview I had the chance to talk to Khoa Do who is a freshman at our school. Khoa is majoring in Human Resources and Hospitality Management. But he is also thinking about Healthcare Administration, he didn’t make up his mind yet. Khoa and I known each other since middle school and also went to the same high school, but we never really talked until now. He was very nice throughout our conversation, it would have been nice if we started to talk earlier than we did instead of now. He told me that he is kind of struggling with his classes but he is trying really hard. So I told him if he needed help he can always hit me up on Facebook and I will help him as much as I can. Khoa is currently on the hunt for a job at the moment right now because he wants to start making money to help his parents out. But he said that looking for a job is very hard at the moment because every job requires experience and he has never worked before. During his free time Khoa likes to play games if not then he would go to the park to play basketball with his friends. Its kind of funny how we started talking today even though we knew each other for years, but I am glad that we did.


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