Week 13: Extra Credit – Classmate Algorithmic Art

Jasmine Ann Barmun – Text Message Poetry


I decided to do Jasmine’s algorithmic art it was pretty easy to do. All I needed to do was go through my phone and look at the last ten people I message and write down the third word from that message up until the tenth person. Then make a poem out of the words. The poem doesn’t make sense but it sounds pretty funny.

“She’s remember today bro know this not like that dumb”

Alayna Grapel – Alorithmic Art Circle


For Alayna’s artihmic art, I had to draw five circles of any size, four diagonal lines, then five words that relates to my day then draw a personal design of my own reaching from one side of the paper to the other. My outcome is just like hers not that great but it got me thinking about what I did throughout my day. Its kind of like doodling randomly, but different people will choose different words to describe their day. That way everyone can think about how their day went and what they did.

Lacey Alaniz – Algorithmic Art Pattern

11194556_413584662157217_212176365192639641_o 10257312_413584638823886_8266452272136268082_o 11194433_413584625490554_3027749185813714442_o

For Lacey’s algorithmic art I used a ruler and placed it along the 8×11 paper and mark each inch with a dot. Draw diagonal line connecting the opposite dots then draw the opposite lines intersecting the other line. For the coloring, I needed to color every other diamond red, the remaining blue, the alternating triangle green, and then color the remaining triangles yellow. I followed all of the steps but then I messed up on the coloring towards the middle but it still looks every nice. Her algorithmic art was not hard to do but it was a long process. I believe she used marker to color, I didn’t have any markers so I colored mine with color pencil. My work still turned out nice.

Tai Bui – Algorithmic Art Paper Boat

1962029_413584465490570_7699470162600003976_o 11194538_413584438823906_3344498876040337646_o

For Tai’s paper boat I couldn’t fold my boat to look like his, I tried following the steps but I couldn’t really understand the process. I got something similar but I wasn’t successful. It was hard for me to follow the step because they were kind of confusing to me. When I am trying to create something that I have never done before I need the direction the be super clear and concise so I can follow it. It might just be me that can’t follow the directions but others might who knows.


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