Week 14: Artist Interview – Charles Banowetz


Charles Banowetz is part of the Liminal which is a collaborative show that includes about a dozen or more different artist presenting their work. Banowetz wants to state his artistic intentions without feeling like he is being dishonest or prohibited from experimenting beyond this piece of paper. He stated that his focus is mostly on elements of nature, represented both literally and conceptually. He hopes that the art he create will inform or show others where he is able to find peace. His paintings are an attempt to recognize the massiveness of life and an introspection of meditative environments. When I first looked at this piece of art done by Banowetz it does look very peaceful. When I was looking at this piece I was able to see the trees, clouds and fogs that is circulating in the painting. I love art works that is related to nature because it is able to show the viewers how beautiful nature is.


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