Week 14: Classmate Interview – Guillermo Vargas


For this week’s Classmate Interview, I got the chance the speak to Guillermo Vargas. He is currently freshman and a pre-major for mechanical engineering. He does not dorm here although he said it would have been fun to. But instead he decided to live at home in Compton so he can save some money. Plus the drive to school only takes him about twenty minutes or so. Lives with his grandparents and also has an older sister and a younger brother. Throughout high school Guillermo was in wrestling so he went from school to school. He told me that he knew the high school that I went to so that was pretty cool. He told me that college is very different from high school but he was able to catch on quick and he really loves it at cal state long beach. He loves the freedom that he has as a college student, he can take whatever class he wants at which ever time he chooses to. Guillermo is enjoying art class because it is different than the rest of his class since he gets to interact outside of the class room rather than just listening to the professors lecture. Guillermo wants to make the next three years in college most memorable, I think he will be able to do that since he has a great personality.


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