Week 14: Artist Interview – Charles Banowetz


Charles Banowetz is part of the Liminal which is a collaborative show that includes about a dozen or more different artist presenting their work. Banowetz wants to state his artistic intentions without feeling like he is being dishonest or prohibited from experimenting beyond this piece of paper. He stated that his focus is mostly on elements of nature, represented both literally and conceptually. He hopes that the art he create will inform or show others where he is able to find peace. His paintings are an attempt to recognize the massiveness of life and an introspection of meditative environments. When I first looked at this piece of art done by Banowetz it does look very peaceful. When I was looking at this piece I was able to see the trees, clouds and fogs that is circulating in the painting. I love art works that is related to nature because it is able to show the viewers how beautiful nature is.


Week 14: Classmate Interview – Guillermo Vargas


For this week’s Classmate Interview, I got the chance the speak to Guillermo Vargas. He is currently freshman and a pre-major for mechanical engineering. He does not dorm here although he said it would have been fun to. But instead he decided to live at home in Compton so he can save some money. Plus the drive to school only takes him about twenty minutes or so. Lives with his grandparents and also has an older sister and a younger brother. Throughout high school Guillermo was in wrestling so he went from school to school. He told me that he knew the high school that I went to so that was pretty cool. He told me that college is very different from high school but he was able to catch on quick and he really loves it at cal state long beach. He loves the freedom that he has as a college student, he can take whatever class he wants at which ever time he chooses to. Guillermo is enjoying art class because it is different than the rest of his class since he gets to interact outside of the class room rather than just listening to the professors lecture. Guillermo wants to make the next three years in college most memorable, I think he will be able to do that since he has a great personality.

Week 13: Extra Credit – Classmate Algorithmic Art

Jasmine Ann Barmun – Text Message Poetry


I decided to do Jasmine’s algorithmic art it was pretty easy to do. All I needed to do was go through my phone and look at the last ten people I message and write down the third word from that message up until the tenth person. Then make a poem out of the words. The poem doesn’t make sense but it sounds pretty funny.

“She’s remember today bro know this not like that dumb”

Alayna Grapel – Alorithmic Art Circle


For Alayna’s artihmic art, I had to draw five circles of any size, four diagonal lines, then five words that relates to my day then draw a personal design of my own reaching from one side of the paper to the other. My outcome is just like hers not that great but it got me thinking about what I did throughout my day. Its kind of like doodling randomly, but different people will choose different words to describe their day. That way everyone can think about how their day went and what they did.

Lacey Alaniz – Algorithmic Art Pattern

11194556_413584662157217_212176365192639641_o 10257312_413584638823886_8266452272136268082_o 11194433_413584625490554_3027749185813714442_o

For Lacey’s algorithmic art I used a ruler and placed it along the 8×11 paper and mark each inch with a dot. Draw diagonal line connecting the opposite dots then draw the opposite lines intersecting the other line. For the coloring, I needed to color every other diamond red, the remaining blue, the alternating triangle green, and then color the remaining triangles yellow. I followed all of the steps but then I messed up on the coloring towards the middle but it still looks every nice. Her algorithmic art was not hard to do but it was a long process. I believe she used marker to color, I didn’t have any markers so I colored mine with color pencil. My work still turned out nice.

Tai Bui – Algorithmic Art Paper Boat

1962029_413584465490570_7699470162600003976_o 11194538_413584438823906_3344498876040337646_o

For Tai’s paper boat I couldn’t fold my boat to look like his, I tried following the steps but I couldn’t really understand the process. I got something similar but I wasn’t successful. It was hard for me to follow the step because they were kind of confusing to me. When I am trying to create something that I have never done before I need the direction the be super clear and concise so I can follow it. It might just be me that can’t follow the directions but others might who knows.

Week 13: Classmate Interview – Khoa Do


For this weeks classmate interview I had the chance to talk to Khoa Do who is a freshman at our school. Khoa is majoring in Human Resources and Hospitality Management. But he is also thinking about Healthcare Administration, he didn’t make up his mind yet. Khoa and I known each other since middle school and also went to the same high school, but we never really talked until now. He was very nice throughout our conversation, it would have been nice if we started to talk earlier than we did instead of now. He told me that he is kind of struggling with his classes but he is trying really hard. So I told him if he needed help he can always hit me up on Facebook and I will help him as much as I can. Khoa is currently on the hunt for a job at the moment right now because he wants to start making money to help his parents out. But he said that looking for a job is very hard at the moment because every job requires experience and he has never worked before. During his free time Khoa likes to play games if not then he would go to the park to play basketball with his friends. Its kind of funny how we started talking today even though we knew each other for years, but I am glad that we did.

Blog Post #4 Extra Credit

My three most favorite activities were the Painting & Drawing, Student Choice, and Sculpture (Plaster Casting). The Painting & Drawing gave me the chance to work with spray paint so it was pretty fun. The Student Choice was hard but at least I was able to do whatever I wanted. The Sculpture was fun because I got to create something myself and had a good time at the beach.

My three least favorite activity were New Media, Portrait Photography, and Remix Culture. I didn’t like the New Media because I am not the type of person to just act out whatever pops into my mind. I thought that the Portrait Photography was kind of creepy. I didn’t even do the Remix Culture because I couldn’t think of anything to remix.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108, it gave us the chance to meet in class and ask Glenn questions about any confusion.

B. Activities Overall, we were able to do some hands on art.

C. Artist Conversation, it was not my favorite thing to do because the artists kind of made it hard for the student. I understand they all have their own expectations but it definitely got harder through out the semester.

D. Classmate Conversation, it was pretty fun and I got the chance to meet new people.

E. Using Your Website, it took me a couple times to get use to it but after that it was very easy.

Week 12: Activity – Algorithmic Art

For this week’s activity we need to create an algorithmic art which is work that that is created by following a set of rules or instructions or procedures. We are asked to create anything we want that involves procedures on how to accomplish it. So what I decided to do was fold a heart, with my twenty dollar bill but it could be any bill one, two, five, or ten dollar bill. Here are the steps on how I folded the heart;

1. Start with the bill that is in good condition, fold the right corner diagonally.

2. Unfold the corner that you just folded then fold the left corner diagonally.


3. Unfold that corner also, you should see that it formed an X, now push the tow side of the X together, and push the middle crease down.


4. Repeat step 1 to 3.


5. After that fold the right and left corner towards the middle.

11143609_411882822327401_1489868103846483609_o (1)

6. Unfold and flatten the corners down so it would make a square.


7. Then fold both of the corners on both of the squares towards the middle crease then unfold and flatten the corner down.

8. After you finish with that side, now repeat steps 4-7 for the other side.

9. Fold the bill in half, then unfold it. Now, pinch the middle section along the crease that you made then bring the two triangles together.

10. Flip the bill over, then fold the flap that has a corner sticking out down. You will see that the two corner’s back are against each other, just took the corners in to hide them.

11. If you like you can insert a quarter in the middle. Finish

Folding the heart with money was one of the first thing that I learned how to fold beside the paper airplane. At first when I started folding the heard it was hard and kind of complicated but as I continue to practice it became easy over time. The heart looks plain and simple but it does have a special unique feature and special meaning to it depending on how you interpret it. I rarely fold these heart unless I am giving it to my girlfriend.

Week 12: Artist Interview – Katherine Cox

11040578_411884215660595_2277767192977526579_o 1401234_411884188993931_5623655988122092220_o

When I was at the art gallery I was very interested in the ceramics done by Katherine Cox. At first when I walked into the Dutzi Gallery I was like “Wow it looks like jade,” her ceramic works looks very beautiful, the carvings that are on the ceramics are perfect and they all have a unique pattern that made each other stand out. I thought it was very beautiful and it captured my attention right when I first saw it. Cox said that the use of of ceramic vessels and enclosed forms as sites for creating and displaying stories and imagery. Mainly she is interested in how the vessels that once functioned within the parameters of longstanding pottery traditions might deliver narrative imagery, motifs, and emblems. The forms are used to create a dialogue with the ideas of domestic within a home and how these ideas affect people. I really like the idea of how she focuses on how the ideas would affect the people since others opinion would help us to strive to do better. She stated that these are a reflection of how societal pressures contribute to an individual’s mindset, patterns and decorative elements suggest a presence of femininity. The images used come from her personal history with narratives that have been repeated through human history and she hopes to create a dialogue between people to change the narrative to be something different. She said that her choice of imagery came through a variety of experiences including how she grew up in Michigan and living in Southern California. She wants her work to drawn the viewers into the natural elements of the piece and relate to the various human experiences that they encounter. I really enjoy looking at the work that Cox done, they were very beautiful and very meaningful.