Week 12: Classmate Interview – Adam Price


I met Adam Price because I asked him about the activity that we were suppose to do this week because we were both confuse about it. So we talked for a little and decided to just do the classmate interview. Adam is a senior at our school and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and he will be graduation at the end of this semester so congratulation to him. I kind of envy him for graduating this year because he does have to worry about school anymore, besides the fact that he has to work. Adam lives in Cypress so he drives to school every day because he wants to stay focus on his education since he is a full time student. He said that the one thing he regrets most about college was that he did not minor in Computer Science. At first Adam took this art class for his General Ed because his younger sister took this class last semester she recommended that he should take it too since it was very easy. But Adam began to like the class more because it is something different than all of the class that he took before because he gets to be outside and looking at things rather than just sitting in a classroom and learn. Adam told me that he got a job offer from the Navy Research and Development Center near Death Valley, so he will be working there after he graduates. He is hoping that he would gain a lot of experience and knowledge from working there, so when there is better offer he would accept it without doubting his abilities. I think that Adam is a great person and he will do just fine after he graduates and enters the working world to begin his career.


Week 11: Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia


Being out at the art gallery is amazing like always because I get to see the beautiful artwork done by different artists. I enjoy looking at all the art work done by the artist because each piece of their work represents something to them and they carry a deep meaning to them that most people wouldn’t understand. When I look at their artwork I can relate to the meaning of the artwork or some time it tells me a different story. Just like Gabriel Garcia’s art work, he said his art work represents the challenges of an average man living in society where he needs to show his strong masculinity. I thought that this was an interesting topic and the way he represented it in his artwork. From what I see and how I was raised my men are expected to show their masculinity no matter what because that is naturally how the world was created. The way my dad raised me was that as a man I must not collapse to pressure or violence and my dad would always tell me an eye for an eye. I grew up thinking in a way where if somebody helps me I would help them back but if some body was to hurt me i would do the same thing back. My perspective began to change as I got older because I began to my own ways of thinking about society and how I should deal with it. So walking into the gallery seeing the strong words that he created in his art work, it reminded me of how my dad always taught me how I need to be strong and protect my pride. The word violence has a very big impact on my life because I dealt with violence for a long period of time throughout school because I came over from Vietnam when I was in elementary school, so I was bullied and alienated in many occasions. I can see in his art work that it consist mainly of black and gray. I think that black and gray shows a lot of masculinity for some reason, I just can’t explain why. Seeing some of the words that he used in the gallery it definitely brought back some memories for me and at the same time it did show me that masculinity is one of the problem that we face in society. Its just like how there are people that do not accept homosexual and I never really understood why. I think that everyone should have a choice to decided who they want to be and how they live their lives and people should not interfere with what they decided and just accept their decision, because they are no different than anybody. I really enjoyed looking at Mr. Garcia’s work because definitely brought up memories and thoughts that I have about society.

Week 11: Activity – Sculpture

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This weeks activity is my favorite one in all of the activities that we did throughout the semester, so I had a lot of fun doing this activity. For the activity we needed to go to the beach, dig a hole near water, insert one of our hand or foot, use the wet sand to pour in it the hold and pack it, then use the plaster that we mixed to pour in the hole, then wait for about twenty five minutes for it to set and dry. My favorite part was digging the sand, I thought it was pretty fun. Mixing the plaster was pretty messy because it was windy so it blew it all over me and stuff. I think the most scary part was when I was trying to pull my foot out of the whole after I pact it with sand, I was worried that the hole would collapse. After I pull my foot out I poured the plaster in and was pretty worried that it the shape of my foot wouldn’t come out and I would have to start over. But after twenty five minutes the plaster was dried and I dug up my plaster foot, it turned out pretty nice. I think that I did an amazing job and really happy with the outcome because when I looked at my plaster foot I was able to see the shape of my toes which was super cool. I had a really good time at the beach because I was there around 11:00 am so the sun and the wind felt very nice. While waiting for the plaster to set I had the chance to exercise and enjoy the breeze at the beach and absorb some Vitamin D from the sun. Just like Glenn said, this activity is just a reason for us to have fun at the beach and I did so this was the most stress free and fun activity.

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Week 11: Classmate Interview – Edgar Bueno


I met Edgar Bueno at the art gallery today, he was very friendly and if you guys get a chance, talk to him. He is a freshman at our school and is currently majoring in sociology. He thinks that sociology will give him a better understanding of society, its behavior, its cultures, how everything within the society causes a chain reaction and  why people act the way they do. He hope that later on he would be able to do researches and studies to give him a better understanding of what he learned and be able to make improvements to our society to give people a better life. Edgar is from Bellflower which is like ten minutes away from Cal State Long Beach which is pretty cool since he doesn’t have to go far in order to get to school. His favorite thing to do on his free time is to play soccer and right now he is on the soccer travel team and he has to balance that with school which makes it kind of stressful, but he thinks it is worth it. Whenever he has to practice for soccer he would have to drive to Fullerton, although it takes a lot of commitment, Edgar thinks its fun. Edgar also has two younger brother whom he loves very much, he takes his time out to help them with his homework or whatever they need help with. It was pretty fun talking to Edgar, we were able to talk about many topics and was able to keep the conversation going. He was the first person that I actually talk to where I did have to take notes on the things that he was saying so I can do this blog post.

Week 10: Activity – Student Choice

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For this weeks activity we had a choice to decide what we wanted to do and I think that it was one of the hardest activity because I can’t really think about what to do. Like whenever I get an idea about what I should do, I would criticize it and think it is a bad idea and it wouldn’t be a good idea. So I finally decided to do something that is related to nature. My friends and I decided to go hiking at Hermit Falls and the Beach so I decided to take a couple pictures of the nature and use it for my activity. I think that nature is the most important piece of artwork that the Earth has. When I was at Hermit Falls I was able to look at something of the prettiest scenery. Everything there was so peaceful and the fresh air was completely different than what we experience in the city. It’s just sad to see how we are harming nature because we need land for our own use. When I was hiking through the tress I could hear the birds singing and flying back and forth which is the best way to bring peace to a person’s mind. Everything was so pure and each part has its unique way to express its beauty to capture our attention. The following day after Hermit Falls we went to the beach and it was pretty nice there since I haven’t been to the beach for a while. Laying on the beach listening to the waves was the most peaceful thing there and it allowed my mind to be free and follow the waves. So I think that everybody should the take their to connect with nature and see how much good things that it could do for us and at the same time relief us from the stress that we suffer from out daily lives.

Week 10: Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl

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When I was at the art gallery I had the chance to look at Dawn Ertl’s art work. Which was very amazing and it was something that I have never seen before and it was very surprising. Miss Ertl came into our class and explained what her art was about, so I thought it was just like a display on the wall and never expect these majestic and flowing installation hanging from the ceiling. This is art work is the best that I have ever seen in the art gallery, every little thing that she does with the installation has a special feature to it. Just like how she wants the color to contrast each other so when the viewers look at one color they can see the other behind it. I know we are not suppose to ask her about what inspired her but I happened to hear that she was inspired by the environment which is pretty cool because we need to realize the importance of our environment and respect it. What I learned in this exhibit is that we should we need to think about how we are treating the environment and treasure everything that it provides for us. Just like how Miss Ertl was able to us loom and plastic bags to create such a beautiful piece of artwork. Not everything should be disregard as trash because even trash can be turned into something beautiful. Ertl also stated that her art depicts the way she interprets the world and the weave installation that she has represents the relationship between people. Everything about this exhibit is amazing including Miss Ertl, she has the greatest attitude when talking to us, she tried to answer all of our questions the best she could and provided us with a great experience in the exhibit.

Week 10: Classmate Interview – Ben Lee


This is Ben Lee who is a sophomore and he is majoring in Computer Engineering. He is really into computer and electronic stuff ever since he was little, and he even built his own computer from scratch that he treasures very much. I love meeting new people everyday, I think its pretty fun and it gives us a chance to learn from someone who has a different culture from me. Although we share kind of the same culture because Ben is Taiwanese and he can also speak Mandarin. Ben loves going to the gym on his free time, just like I do. When he is at home and he has time he would play an online game called League of Legends, I’m pretty sure a lot of people know about that game. When Ben was a freshman he dorm here because he wanted to experience what it is like to dorm at a college and he said it was the best experience ever. It made me kind of regret not dorming here when I had the chance to. But now him and his buddies found an apartment to move into and they all pitch in for the rent. When I first got to the art gallery I saw Ben standing there but it looked like he didn’t want to talk to anyone until I approached him and he turned out too be pretty a pretty nice guy and we had a few good laughs talking to each other.